Online Gift Card

€ 10

Are you planning to make a refined and guaranteed quality gift? Buy your Malena Lingerie Gift Card now!

Purchasable online on the website, issued to the bearer, which can be used for future purchases or to give it to relatives and friends. It is sent by e-mail to the recipient indicated by the buyer at the time of purchase and can be used immediately for the purchase of goods online.

For info contact us at the email address


Special Gift Box!

With a least purchase for 39.90 Euro, you will receive also the special Gift Box! 
The most beautiful and Refined box, ideal also for a present.

  • Free for purchases through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal
  • Possibility of Payment to the Delivery: additional cost of 4.90
  • All the payments are Certified and Sure thanks to the Arrangement Crittografata on Server Paypal.

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