Who we are

MALENA LINGERIE was born in Civitanova Marche in August 2017 from a meeting of ideas, passion and dreams. Muse inspiring the project but above all the name of the brand was the beautiful actress Monica Bellucci in the famous film by Giuseppe Tornatore, Malèna, where she plays a girl who becomes a woman. This project chooses to make all women dream, to transform them, pampering them through laces and silks carefully chosen for them and identifying with each other's most hidden desires. Parallel to Bellucci's seductive icon, MALENA joins the world of Greek mythology. Each item in the collection has the name of a nymph, a goddess or a mythological character, immortal beings.


The opening collection has thirteen items, linking each of the items to a name and in turn to a feature. The MALENA woman is a strong, combative but at the same time romantic, seductive and brilliant woman. An important focus was the concept of "everyday lingerie", that is a versatility never seen before. Our lingerie can be worn anywhere and at any time, even under a sports garment. Comfort is paramount.