Forwarding and I Returned

Forwarding in Italy
The standard 2/3 forwarding working days in Italy is free. Making your order before the 12.00 your pacchettino will have evaded the day itself. All the orders entered after this hour, they will have escaped the next working day.

The delivery time is 2-5 working days for Calabria, Basilicata, Sardinia, Sicily, smaller islands and uncomfortable zones. It is not possible to choose the day and the hour of delivery.

Forwarding Express 5.90 delivers within 24/48h

By all the orders made during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the forwarding will be made the first useful working day (Monday).

Forwarding from Monday until Friday.
Your pack will be always sent by traced out messenger and road will come to you supplied mail Track Number to the moment of the forwarding.

You can trace your forwarding out inside this link

In the case in which the mark wants to be used as delivery formula, be that one takes advantage of free forwarding that on payment, will be necessary to pay to the messenger a consideration for 4 90 €.

We do of ours better in order that the orders are delivered within the estimated dates, but, in rare occasions, there might be delays in the deliveries, particularly during some binding periods (I understood the balances). There can carve on the punctuality of the deliveries also other factors as postal delays or messengers, logistic problems, adverse meteorological conditions or the impossibility of our messengers of entering the delivery address. We will do the possible one to hold you updated as to the delivery and you should be, in any case, able to the run follows from your pack.

If I had questions, it contacts our Assistance service Clients road chat or via e-mail

To each way, we will always be engaged for the most possible threshold these changes. Malena Lingerie is not responsible for the possible loss or theft of necks following specific instructions supplied by the clients to the messengers who have in cargo the orders.

Forwarding Europe and Extra Europe

The cost of the forwarding in the European countries is 9 00 € up to 3 kg. For the forwarding extraue it is possible to consult the below price list.

Forwarding 2/5 working days Gratuitousness.

Forwarding Express 24/48h with DHL 6 90 €

Forwarding Express (2-4 days) 40 €

Forwarding Express (2-4 days) 25 €

Forwarding Express (2-4 days) 40 €

Europe (EEC) (Free by superior orders to 100 EUR)
Forwarding Express (1-2 days) 9 €

Europe (EXTRA-EEC) *Customs duties and I excluded taxes in the list prices
Forwarding Express (2-4 days) 25 EUR

Forwarding Express (4-5 days) 40 EUR

*Customs duties and I excluded taxes in the list prices
Forwarding Express (1-2 days) 25 € 

Forwarding Express (2-4 days) 25 EUR

United Kingdom
Forwarding Express (1-2 days) 18 €

United States*
Forwarding Express (1-2 days) 40 €

Rest of the World
Forwarding Express (2-4 days) 30/40 EUR

It orders to him correctly paid, they will be sent from Monday until Friday, excluded the holiday days.
All the orders made within the hours 12:00 will be sent the same day. For those representatives over the hours 12:00 the forwarding is provided for the following day.
For the foreign countries the estimate of the days of delivery might vary on the grounds of the customs bureaucracies.


For the forwarding destined to the countries UE curbed to IVA/TVA, the same one has amounted at the cost of purchase. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary. For the forwarding destined out of the European Community, to consult the price list (prices with VAT to be excluded).

Rules for forwarding towards European European and Extra countries
Some Countries can ask for taxes or customs taxes on the imported goods. These taxes are established in the moment in which the goods enter into the country of the buyer. The customs burdens are to cargo of the buyer. We advise you then of informing you close to the Customs of your Country about the exact sum of such customs duties.




The articles in Saldo/Promotion cannot be returned or changed.


Every returned one and changes are subject to the politics of returned of

He notices well: the articles in discount during the period BALANCES cannot have changed or returned.

The expenses of forwarding supported for the restitution of articles for a change or a repayment are not even covered reimbursed at Malena's Lingerie

The sum of the forwarding will come gradually to the moment of the repayment

The recess right is subjected on the next conditions:

  • The returned ones are accepted within 14 days passed the date in which you have received the products.NB. The returned article must arrive at our seat while 14 days have not gone by the date of delivery. We advise you to send within 7 days of the date of delivery to make sure that you arrive within 14 days.
  • The articles must be returned without being being put on, with the label, the intact sanitary protection, and the customs documents (if he presents).
  • If you have received a damaged, defective or wrong article, please contact us to the e-mail address
  • The returned products must be returned in their original manufacture (when was understanding itself, with this, the manufacture of the appeared individual, that is the envelope into which it is inserted the underwear, the shopping bag or gift box)
  • The returned Products are returned in their entirety and not on parts or components of them also in case of kit
  • The returned Products must be sent to the Seller in an alone forwarding. The Seller books the right for himself not to accept Products of the same Order returned and sent in different moments.


  • The changes are accepted within 7 days passed the date in which you have received the products.
  • For the change send an email to us to the address where it is indicated:


  • We will reply to your email when all the info were giving you for the change
  • The expenses of forwarding for the restitution of the article to be changed will be reimbursed through COUPON for 7 Euro, inserted inside the pack of change, usable inside our store


Articles restitution by post


  • It sends a mail to the address info@malenalingerie.itwith object: RETURNED
  • You insert your number of order and the quantity of the articles to be returned. You wait for a confirmation from the assistance Malena Lingerie.
  • The client must send the pack with the copy of order inserted to the interior.
  • It packs and seals the articles that you want to return in sure way.
  • The restitution of the goods is to cargo of the client, we recommend of ES.tramite uses a service tracciabile put recommended 1 or messenger, the address for the restitution is:



Malena Lingerie c/o Lemon-balm srls
Road Teano 1
62012, Civitanova Marks

  • If the recess right is at you exercised in accordance with on the preceding conditions, the Seller is held to reimburse the sums poured by the client within and not over 14 days of the day in which the same thing has been informed about your decision of exercising the recess right, on condition that the Seller has already received the restitution of the properties. The Seller will use for I re-credit the same means of payment of you used for the initial arrangement. To purely exemplifying and not exhaustive headline, the formalities of repayment that will be able to be used are the next ones: I re-credit on your credit card or on your account PayPal, credit transfer on your current account.
  • The sum of the forwarding in Europe and in the foreign countries will not be reimbursed.